Todd T.Dec 27, 2021
I have been dealing with Megan McPherson for sometime now. She has always been there when i need her. Rain or shine. If you want a company that will give you the advise you need and treat you with…Read more...
Andrew Y.Nov 26, 2021
The owner is absolutely lovely
Neil B M.Nov 18, 2021
Good day! My reason for this review, is Megan McPherson! Megan is the kindest, caring, compassionate person I have ever had to deal with. Megan doesn’t make you feel embarrassed for being there. …Read more...
Norma J M.Nov 17, 2021
Charla Smith & Company. Megan McPherson, absolutely delightful, knowledgeable,and makes you feel at home. Megan will calm you down, if you are feeling nervous. You will feel better after talking with Megan!
Raspal R.Nov 16, 2021
Megan and Charla are the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever met. During stress they certainly know how to handle and help cope
Thank you to you both!
Mark S.Nov 14, 2021
Charla Smith & Company is THE best insolvency service in Calgary. Megan treated me with kindness, respect, and empathy. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking a place where they can receive…Read more...
Dee C.Nov 2, 2021
I had met with both charla and Megan for advice about my debts. They were both honest and helpful and treated me with respect. Highly recommend this company. Thank you for the support!!!
Gail T.Oct 29, 2021
I was treated with compassion and care, I love them!
Gordon G.Oct 29, 2021
I've never dealt with Charla, but have extensive experience with her newest addition- Megan McPherson. Megan guided me through a difficult consumer proposal and an eventual bankruptcy. One had led to…Read more...
J.Oct 29, 2021
Megan was non judgemental and caring. I am so grateful for the support of both Charla and Megan and they have eliminated my stress.
Caireen H.May 11, 2021
Charla is a wonderfully caring person with the expertise to help people struggling under the weight of personal debt. I highly recommend her!
Jamie H.Apr 14, 2021
Charla has been great to work with. Very professional and understanding. Highly recommend her services!
Aaron M.May 13, 2022
What an absolute pleasure to work with! Megan is extremely professional, knowledgeable, confident, and at all times very kind. I appreciate everything she did for me and would recommend her and her…Read more...
Gage F.May 12, 2022
Learning about a difficult topic like debt is a stressful one. After a brief consultation with Megan she helped pinpoint a very attractive plan of action and gave me the tools to execute the plan…Read more...
Sheri D.Apr 22, 2022
I haven’t used Charla & Smith professionally but worked with Megan for many years. She is a kind and generous person and will do anything to make your experience a positive one. She cares very much…Read more...
Nina S.Feb 2, 2022
Ladde T.Jan 16, 2022
Megan McPherson is an expert at solving financial problems. She knows how to get solutions and relief from overwhelming debt. She gave me great financial advice and helped me and my family. She was…Read more...
Gas City Roller D.Apr 16, 2021