Consumer Proposal | Local - Calgary, AB | Reduce Your Debt

Consumer Proposal | Local - Calgary, AB | Reduce Your Debt

If your debt (not including any mortgages on your home) is under $250,000*, a Consumer Proposal may be the best way to get relief. A Consumer Proposal allows you to consolidate your debts while avoiding filing for bankruptcy or losing your assets. You usually repay only a portion of your debt while the rest is forgiven. The amount you pay is based on your ability to pay, not on how much you owe.

*Note: If you owe more than $250,000 in (non-mortgage) debt, there is a similar solution called a Division I Proposal which we can also provide.

Calgary Licensed Insolvency Trustee Charla Smith & Company can help determine whether a Consumer Proposal is the right option, and we have the knowledge and experience to arrange and administer your Consumer Proposal without the need for you to engage a debt consultant.

Is a Consumer Proposal Right for You?

Canadian law allows individuals struggling with less than $250,000 in (non-mortgage) debt to make a Consumer Proposal to their creditors to obtain debt relief while avoiding bankruptcy or losing their assets. (Those with more than $250,000 may qualify for a Division I Proposal, which we are also licensed to provide.)

A Consumer Proposal is a legal process to negotiate an extension of time and/or a reduction of debt with all your creditors at once. It stops interest from accruing and includes a ‘stay of proceedings’ which stops creditors from taking any further action. Even a creditor that objects to this proposal will be required to abide by it if the majority of other creditors have agreed. 

We are located in Calgary, Alberta, and will work with you to determine whether a Consumer Proposal is your best option, and if it is, we will collaborate with you to develop a proposal to creditors that is achievable for you. Then we work with your creditors to help them understand your proposal and why we recommend they accept it.

We are with you every step of the way to make sure your proposal has the best possible chance of success and we never lose sight of your goal of achieving freedom from the stress your debt is causing you.


Debt happens, and we know there are many reasons why people get into financial difficulty. At Charla Smith & Company, our job is not to judge but to help. We will discuss how to solve your debt problems in a way that respects your dignity and acknowledges your unique circumstances.

Our small team of insolvency professionals provide financial advice and can offer consumer proposals and bankruptcy filings where appropriate. 

We’re here to answer questions, guide, and advise you so you can take back control of your financial situation. Complete this contact form or call us at 1-403-899-3890 today for a FREE, no-commitment consultation.

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Consumer Proposal Benefits and Impacts

A Consumer Proposal is not the right solution for everyone, but we can help you determine whether it is the best option for you. 

The benefits of Consumer Proposals may include: 

  • Stopping interest from continuing to accrue
  • Reducing the amount of debt you have to repay your creditors 
  • A more manageable timeframe for repayment
  • Consolidation of your debts despite the fact that you may not qualify for a traditional consolidation loan
  • Requiring a small but hostile creditor to accept the proposal if the majority has approved it  
  • Avoiding bankruptcy or losing your assets

There are a number of impacts to consider when comparing the Consumer Proposal route to other options:

  • Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can administer a Consumer Proposal
  • You must be able to keep up with the payments - missing more than 2 payments could result in starting from scratch
  • There will be a public record of the filing of a Consumer Proposal and it will impact your credit rating for a period of time 
  • Payments are typically greater than what you would have to pay in a bankruptcy

At Charla Smith & Company, a Calgary, Alberta Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we understand what a burden the stress caused by debt can be and are here to help you understand your options and move forward when you are ready.


Debt can feel unmanageable and overwhelming and can affect all aspects of your life. It’s easy to feel like there’s no way out of it.

At Charla Smith & Company, we understand the stress caused by unsustainable debt. As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we're here to help with financial advice and we can offer relief from your debt through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Your best interests always come first. We listen without judgement and provide unbiased expert advice. Contact us today at 1-403-899-3890 for a FREE, no-commitment consultation, and let us empower you to move forward and take back control of your finances.


The stress caused by overwhelming debt can affect all facets of your life. While it may sometimes feel like there’s no way out, we can explore options with you that will provide relief from your debt.

We at Charla Smith & Company can help you determine whether a Consumer Proposal is the right solution for you to get your financial situation back on track. We’ve had the privilege of helping many individuals just like you by educating them about their options, providing advice and guidance based on our experience, and following through on implementing whatever solution is the best fit.

We're here to help you reclaim control of your finances. Call us at 1-403-899-3890‌ for a free, no-commitment consultation.


When facing what may feel like insurmountable debt, you need access to professionals you can trust. Charla Smith & Company provides unbiased advice about your options for debt relief, which, depending on your situation, may include formal insolvency options like a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Learn more about how we can help you get rid of your financial stress.

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Consumer Proposal | Local - Calgary, AB | Reduce Your Debt

If your debt (not including any mortgages on your home) is under $250,000*, a Consumer Proposal may be the best way to get relief. A Consumer Proposal allows you to consolidate your debts while avoiding filing for bankruptcy or losing your assets. You usually repay only a portion of your d

Financial Advice

A consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is the foundation of your debt relief plan. It helps us to understand and consider all the factors related to your debt situation so we can assist you with optimal advice and support throughout your journey to debt freedom. During our initi


The amount you will pay to your creditors depends on a number of factors unique to your situation, such as your income and your assets. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can administer a Consumer Proposal. The fees paid to the Licensed Insolvency Trustee are based on a calculation set by the government, so the fee would be the same regardless of which Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm you choose to work with.

There is no need to pay a debt consultant to see a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Our government-calculated fee includes all of the work to review your situation, prepare your proposal, and help you get through the process.

The process for making a Consumer Proposal is standardized, in accordance with rules and procedures set out in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada. This means it is transparent and predictable, which is good for you and for your creditors (which makes them more likely to accept your proposal). Essentially, you work with your Licensed Insolvency Trustee to prepare documents for your creditors, explaining your situation and your proposal. Your creditors then vote on the proposal and, assuming they vote yes, you follow through on the proposal, including making the payments it sets out.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about potentially making a Consumer Proposal.

Debt consolidation may be a good option for you, and if so, we would advise you of this during the Financial Assessment stage. However, debt consolidation doesn’t have many of the important features of a Consumer Proposal, which include: providing a legal 'stay of proceedings' immediately stopping actions your creditors might be taking, and dealing with all of your unsecured debt. Debt consolidation also does not allow you to reduce the amount you owe, which may be necessary if your debt level is unmanageable.

For more information on this topic, check out our blog post entitled: Consolidation Loans: the Good the Bad and the Ugly or contact us.

Check out our blog post that explains about options for settling your debt, or contact us for a free consultation.

The cost of a bankruptcy is determined based on many factors such as your assets, your income, and your family situation. However, you typically pay less in a bankruptcy than you would in a Consumer Proposal, because your creditors don't have as much ability to impact your payments in bankruptcy. For more information about how these options compare, reach out to us for a free consultation.


With our experience and our caring approach, we will help you find the best option for debt relief based on your unique situation - from advice on talking to your creditors to a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, and everything in between. We are here to lift the burden caused by overwhelming debt. 

Contact us today at 1-403-899-3890‌ for a FREE, no-commitment meeting, and let us guide you to regaining your financial footing.

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